I'm an independent DJ
who's been providing this
service since 1998 doing
private parties and
amazing weddings
throughout the VA/DC/MD

Only Professional
Equipment Used both on
site & backup equipment

You Bring The People...We'll Bring The Party
Contact us at
with any questions or
comments you may
Thank You !!

Every Era : 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s,
All Genres: Big Band,
Classic Rock, Rock,R&B, Pop,
DJ Craig,
Thank you so much for
being our perfect DJ. You
were fantastic from start
to finish. Many of the guest
commented on how fun you
made the wedding
reception: I've seen alot of
DJs but i have not seen
many DJs that could read
& work the dance floor.
Thanks a million !!

Please check back here for upcoming public events we will be playing
for and/or
special deals we have for booking your event(s) !
Halloween Party in 2005
Party at Local Pub
1st Dance as husband and wife