Gettin her groove on !

Is set up and take down time included in the price?

yes, your contract is based off of actual playing time  

Can I meet with you before my event?  

Yes, in fact, that is strongly encouraged!  

How long will it take to set-up? How much space do you

Setup time depends on both the logistics of the venue
and how large of a reception/party it is (determines how
many speakers I need).  A complete setup with lights and
sound shouldn't take more than 45 minutes.  That way I am
ready to go with a few minutes to spare.  I also don't like
to set up in my DJ clothes,so I usually come dressed in
nice jeans and a t-shirt to set up, then change .

I don't need much space.  I carry a standard 6 foot table
with me (with a table skirt), and other than some room
behind me, that's about all the space I need.  I will also
need some room to set up my speakers.  

Does it cost extra to have you MC my event?  
No, that is part of what we do!  

How long have you been in business?

I have been providing this service since 1998.

How many songs will you play during our event?  

During a four hour event you can expect us to play
between 70 and 80 songs depending on the length of
each song that is played.

Are we allowed to submit a music list of some type?

Absolutely!  I am very flexible, whether it's a specific list of
songs you must hear or do not play any of THESE songs.
In addition, we will go over what songs you would like to
hear for specific parts of the reception (entrance songs,
cake cutting, first dance, etc.).

What is the attire you normally wear to events?

It depends on your event.  Whether it is a wedding where
a suit is required  or it's an another type event where
khakis and a golf shirt will do, I will always be dressed

How vast is your music collection?

I have over 32000 songs in my library.  The collection is
constantly growing.  I have music from the 40's to today,
and a nice collection of classical music to use for wedding
ceremonies.  And if there's a specific song you want to
hear for a part of your reception that I don't have, I'll do
what I can to obtain it by the time of the reception.

Have you DJ'd a lot of weddings?
I have performed at dozens upon dozens of receptions and

Do you require a deposit?  How much?

My performance agreement calls for a $50.00 deposit to hold
a date.

Can I see you perform?
Unfortunately, I am not a "club" DJ at a venue that is open
to the public.  Nearly all of my functions are private events.  I
would feel uncomfortable asking a bride and groom if I could
invite a prospective client to their reception with the sole
purpose of watching me work.  Just as you would not like an
uninvited guest at your reception.  
Therefore, I have plenty of happy previous clients you may
wish to contact for a reference.
If there happens to be a public performance I will be at, I will
post it on this websites homepage.

What time will you show up to my
                                  I arrive 1 hour early so I can be
done in a timely manner, without having to rush, in the
event something "slows me down", like traffic, etc