Congratulations On Your Engagement

C~N~T Music Factory DJ Service request the honor and pleasure of performing at
your Wedding and/or Wedding Reception. I know that you will be Choosing
Music Factory DJ Service
because with Disc Jockey music you will be able to hear
what you and your fiancée heard, the way you heard it.

What separates
C~N~T Music Factory DJ Service from all the others is my years of
experience and professionalism.

I will supply all professional equipment.  My musical library includes the Big
Bands,60's,70's,80's,90's,2000's Country and Rock-n-Roll and  beyond.

Some of my emcee duties at a reception include introducing the Bride and Groom
for the first time in public, the complete bridal party as well as all the ceremonies
such as cake cutting,toast, mom & groom dance, etc.

Have you ever been to a wedding that had no music? How about one where the
music was so bad you wished there had been none? Let's just say such a wedding is
a seemingly endless experience. You certainly don't want anyone to remember your
wedding this way, so put some careful thought into this part of the wedding reception.
Remember that the right music adds spirit and feeling to any moment; don't pass up
the opportunity to let it enhance your big day.

C~N~T Music Factory DJ Service, we provide DJ entertainment for all types of
events, but if there is one area we excel at, it would have to be wedding receptions.
We pride ourselves in our knowledge and experience at making wedding receptions
run smoothly. Our commitment to you is simple, "We will treat your wedding
reception with the same care and attention to detail as we would our own".

When you contract with us to provide DJ entertainment for your wedding reception,
the first thing we do is send you our custom wedding reception planner. This book will
guide you through the planning of your entire wedding reception from cocktail hour,
to the last dance. It will give you tips and suggestions on how to plan the perfect
wedding reception.

Finally, we offer you free unlimited planning assistance and wedding tips will gladly
answer any questions you may have

DJ Craig
Its your day, We would be extremely
honored to be chosen as your music
& entertainment provider